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Spaces that should not be missing in retirement homes in Panama

Retirement homes, also known as retirement care centers, must provide a comfortable, safe and enriching environment for their residents. Therefore, it is important to have spaces that meet the needs of the residents, offer them activities and adequate areas where they can develop various activities.

Below are some important spaces that should not be missing in these facilities:

1. Private Bedrooms and Apartments: Each resident should have their own private space where they can rest and feel comfortable. Bedrooms or apartments should be equipped with all necessary amenities, such as adjustable beds, accessible bathrooms, and storage areas.

2. Spacious Common Areas: Living rooms, reading areas, and places for socializing are essential to foster interaction among residents. These spaces should be designed for comfort and accessibility, with appropriate furnishings and a layout that facilitates mobility.

3. Dining room: A well-equipped and furnished dining room is essential to provide nutritious meals and allow residents to come together to share their meals. Healthy eating and socializing are important aspects of senior wellness.

4. Recreation and Entertainment Areas: Retirement homes should offer entertainment and recreation options, such as game rooms, music rooms, arts and crafts areas, and outdoor spaces for gardening or other activities.

5. Health Care Center: A well-equipped medical center with medical and nursing staff can provide regular medical care, manage medications, and attend to the health needs of residents.

6. Gymnasium, Therapy Rooms or Exercise Area: A space for physical exercise, adapted to the capabilities of the residents, can help maintain health and mobility.

7. Chapel or Spiritual Space: An area for spiritual reflection and religious practice may be important for residents who wish to maintain their connection to their beliefs and values.

8. Outdoor Areas: Patios, gardens and outdoor walking areas are essential to allow residents to enjoy nature and get fresh air.

Each nursing home may have unique characteristics based on the needs and preferences of its residents. It is important to consider the physical as well as the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of seniors when designing the spaces in these facilities.



My name is Gabriel Solano Lazaro, I am a qualified architect in Panama City and editor of this Architecture & Design Blog.

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