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Ordering Schemes and Master Plans in Panama

On this occasion we come to share the definition of what the master plans are and their design phases, the ordering scheme and some articles with which Panama is directed, being fundamental issues that we must take into account in the development of the projects.

Now we begin with the definition of what are the ordering schemes:

An EOT or Ordinance Scheme is an urban planning instrument that seeks to relate all the interventions on a territory, where urban projects or an already developed urbanism are developed, taking into account the buildings, the land they occupy, their environment under some given historical conditions. the ordering scheme being a fundamental tool for the approval of land use of any project in Panama.

All management scheme plans must include tables with the number of lots, regulations, percentages and uses. You must also clearly identify the resolution that applies based on the location of the project.

The projects are developed taking into account certain design phases known as Master Plans, which will be explained below what each phase consists of:

  • Phase 1: Conceptual Design (CD) - Master Plan

The review and prior investigation of the area to intervene, the regulations that apply and the customer's requirements are evaluated. After carrying out the investigation, a Master Plan is developed creating morphologies or the main geometries, where tables of areas related to land uses are generated, and estimation of construction areas.

  • Phase 2: Schematic Design (DE) - EOT (Land Use)

In this phase, the Territorial Planning Scheme (EOT) document is prepared, which reflects the information on the area to be intervened, including existing areas, the analysis of the proposal to be developed, identification of critical areas, if applicable, areas of historical or heritage conservation, urban layout, urban planning plan, zoning proposal and the respective regulatory plan.

  • Phase 3: Design Development (DD) - Draft

In this phase, the elaboration of the proposal begins with the details and specifications, taking into account the investigation carried out previously of the requirements that are in place based on the regulations.

Regarding the road information, the data of street sections, details of roundabouts, names of streets identified with the hierarchy and dimensions must be added, all these data corroborated with the topography or cadastral plan.

The plans must be referenced with the real coordinates of the project, headings and coordinates of the lots. A regional location plan and mooring plan with data table, polygons and farms must be identified.

  • Phase 4: Infrastructure plans (PC)

When we talk about infrastructure, we refer to the development of all the urban, topographic design and everything that concerns the connections of the basic service networks.

Finally, and being important points, we have the legal part, the laws that we have to link to the investigation of any project, Law No. 6 (Of February 1, 2006) That regulates the Territorial Planning for Urban Development and dictates other provisions Resolution No. 4-2009 (January 20, 2009) Establishing the procedure and requirements for processing applications related to land use planning for urban development”.

Resolution No. 732-2015 (Friday, November 13, 2015) Establishing the requirements and procedures for the development and processing of land use plans and schemes.

The EOT will be made up of an explanatory document that supports the project that we are going to carry out and a set of plans where this project is going. The approval time will vary, but MIVIOT may be taking about 6 months to issue the Approved Resolution.



My name is Gabriel Solano Lázaro, I am an ideal architect in Panama City and editor of this Architecture & Design Blog.

I founded Grupo Ideas with my partner Jaqueline Molina in 2016, we are an architecture firm that is dedicated to residential, commercial and urban design.

Any questions write to my email

Follow me on my Twitter account @gabrielsolanola, I will continue sharing information, architecture.

I wish you a successful day.

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