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Improvements and recommendations for a beach retirement home

Remodeling an existing house on the beach will be a great experience as you seek to improve its functionality and aesthetics, add complementary areas to the existing ones, and always in favor of the comfort you want to have. To contribute to these new ideas and design I share some to inspire you:

  • Terrace: If the house already has a terrace, consider expanding or improving it and if it doesn't and you have an area where you can adapt a terrace, consider adding an outdoor dining area, a grill and comfortable outdoor furniture to create a perfect space to enjoy the view and the beach weather.

  • Panoramic windows: The windows allow you to integrate into the landscape from inside your home, likewise you take advantage of natural light, depending on the orientation of the windows, gaining a natural source of light for your home.

  • Open kitchen: Open the kitchen to the living area to create a larger, more sociable space. Use moisture- and water-resistant materials, such as stainless steel and granite counters, to keep it functional in a coastal setting.

  • Pool and Jacuzzi: If space permits, consider adding an outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. This will provide a place to relax and cool off after a day at the beach.

  • Coastal interior design: Use soft colors and shades of blue and white to create a coastal ambiance inside the home. Incorporate decorative elements such as seashells, driftwood and seascape paintings.

  • Play areas: Create an indoor entertainment space, such as a game room or media room, to enjoy on rainy days or when you need a break from the sun.

  • Outdoor bath: Install an outdoor bath with a shower for rinsing off after the beach. This will help prevent sand and salt from getting inside the house.

  • Sustainable design: Consider using sustainable materials in the remodel, such as recycled wood or bamboo flooring. You can also incorporate solar energy systems and rainwater harvesting to reduce environmental impact.

  • Storage Space: Create adequate storage space for beach gear, surfboards, bicycles and other items. This will help keep the house organized and clutter-free.

  • Seating areas: Create outdoor seating areas with comfortable seating, hammocks and umbrellas to relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

Remember to consult with an architect or interior designer who specializes in beach houses to ensure that your plans meet the specific conditions of the location and local regulations. Enjoy your beach remodeling project!



My name is Gabriel Solano Lázaro, I am an ideal architect in Panama City and editor of this Architecture & Design Blog.

I founded Grupo Ideas with my partner Jaqueline Molina in 2016, we are an architecture firm that is dedicated to residential, commercial and urban design.

Any questions write to my email

Follow me on my Twitter account @gabrielsolanola, I will continue sharing information, architecture.

I wish you a successful day.

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