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Design tips in Country Houses

They are houses located outside the urban core, their architecture is characterized by seeking to adapt to the environment where it is located, their designs are normally with galleries that run through the entire house, large windows to take advantage of the views that surround it, integrated environments, some are designed with central courtyards. As for construction materials, natural raw material that is found nearby and adapted to the construction system is usually used, either as decoration or as part of the main structures of the home. All construction is based on differential characteristics that allow us to locate ourselves in space, in the areas that are desired and in the respective design to be carried out.

To build a dream country house, it is not necessary to have many luxuries or budgets that come out of our hands, it is only enough to have good taste, know the appropriate combinations for said design and have a team of Architects in Panama for your advice and construction.

Below is a series of key characteristics to take into account at the time of design and distribution:

  • View from the garden.

  • Vegetation in abundance.

  • Place for the grill.

  • Swimming pool (optional).

  • Large kitchen with great natural lighting.

  • Entertainment rooms.

  • Good and detailed decoration in each area of ​​the house, both inside and outside.

  • Spacious and comfortable rooms with excellent views of the surroundings.

  • Among other elements that you can give life to each space.

As mentioned above, these houses have several aspects that define them, among them we have the cattery, they are normally located on the front and sides of the houses, both on the first floor or on the second floor, it is a universal language, since they are used in designs in different countries.

Among other environments, there is the living room, designed in a broad way and taking advantage of the greater natural lighting, in some buildings these social spaces are integrated with the kitchen through bars or breakfast bars.

Their roofs are normally traditional tile and machimbre, in some you usually place a fireplace in the social spaces.

And this is how we learned a little about the most outstanding aspects of country houses, which in one way or another can be of help to us when making any design proposal and having the ideal advice from Architects in Panama for the development of each of these spaces.



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