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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

House Design and Blueprints Panama


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One of the points that we must take under account so as not to make distribution and well-being mistakes, is to hire good architects in Panama who have at least a little notion regard to the climate of our country, since is so hot and rainy they must have to take into account climate factors to achieve thermal comfort inside the home.

House Design and Blueprints Panama. ¿Thinking about designing a home for retirement in Panama? We are certificated architects in Panama that can help you. Quote your House Design Here.

In this blog, we will talk about several important points to get the ideal design for a house and, of course, that it can be built.

This will help us to learn more about all the issues related to its geographical location and climate. Here we analyze different important aspects for the correct design and comfort of the home, among them is the analysis of prevailing winds, sunlight and shading, amount of precipitation, solar orientation, and so on.

Taking our country as an example, it is recommended to design the home in such a way that it prevents heat from entering the house, specifically in those areas of the house where its inhabitants will spend most of the midday and afternoon hours. In addition, this orientation must allow the entry of the prevailing winds for the renewals of the interior air and, in turn, will allow the temperature to be reduced during the aforementioned times. In this way, we will make sure to properly start designing a house in Panama, of course, this goes hand in hand with the needs of the client, leading us to know the second point of this blog.

This is one of the most important points, and we most thoroughly investigate everything related to the client's lifestyle and needs. In general, a face-to-face meeting should be held to analyze their facial and body expressions and this will indicate their likes or dislikes regarding different topics, practically here the architect must get into the role of a psychologist and pay attention to every detail. We know that after the global health crisis, virtual meetings became very popular, but we suggest that you only take this option if the face-to-face meeting is impossible, because you will not have the same analytical level towards the client.

Regardless of the type of meeting that you have been able to organize, the basic information that you have to obtain is the following:

  • How social is the customer?

  • Likes family gatherings?

  • What does he work on?

  • Where does he spend the most time in his house?

  • How old is he?

  • Which are his hobbies?

  • Favorite color?

  • Etc.

In this way, we will learn about tastes, and we will be able to design according to the client's requirements.

After meeting the client and defining their needs, we proceed to diagramming. First, a function analysis should be first on the list. Through this analysis, we will connect spaces to obtain a good circulation in our design. In addition, we can complement it with a bubble diagram. A good house design is one where the architect manages to separate the private areas from the social ones, but maintaining a prudent connection between them.

The next step is to sketch in plan the design found after having made the diagrams. We start by drawing by hand so that the ideas flow quickly and then we pass it to a design program to digitize it and continue the process in a cleaner and more orderly way.

House Design and Blueprints Panama. ¿Thinking about designing a home for retirement in Panama? We are certificated architects in Panama that can help you. Quote your House Design Here.

With the architectural blueprints made, different engineers are subcontracted to continue with the part in which they specialize. Among them, we can find, structural engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing, etc. Thanks to these professionals, the plans are completed, and they can start the paper work process for them to be approved.

Once the set of plans is completed, the architect can go personally and present them to the municipality, also they can hire a person who is dedicated to processing plans, so they can be entered and approved. Currently, plans can be tracked through the website and thus have knowledge of the approval stage where they are.

This is the last stage and certainly the most fun for the client because his dream will begin to come true. Here is the architect, if he does not have a construction company, subcontracts a civil engineer or a construction company that will be in charge of building the property . The architect must be very aware of every detail while they are working in the field to avoid any design error.



My name is Gabriel Solano Lazaro, I am an ideal architect in Panama City and editor of this Architecture & Design Blog.

I founded Grupo Ideas together with my partner Jaqueline Molina in 2016, we are an architecture firm that is dedicated to residential, commercial and urban design.

Any questions, write to my email

Follow me on my Twitter account @gabrielsolanola, I will continue sharing architecture information.

I wish you a successful day

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