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The Ideas Store

by Ideas Group

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3D Consulting 


3D Consulting it is a premium service of Ideas Store from Grupo Ideas Panamá.


3D Consulting covers the creation of basic architectural models and renders for commercial projects such as exhibitions, advertising events, temporary stands, ephemeral architecture, and more.


This service is provided to our Clients in order to satisfy and cover their needs, and is carried out through our Design Partners following the best practices of Grupo Ideas Panamá.

3D Consulting

  • 1. Grupo Ideas Panamá will schedule with THE CUSTOMER the deliveries to be made weekly.

    2. The requested Renders will be delivered within a period of 3 to 4 business days depending on their complexity, and this delivery time may be extended.

    3. THE CLIENT will have the right to 2 sets of changes per project, if additional ones are required, the price of said changes will be negotiated according to Grupo Ideas Panamá rates.

    4. 1 weekly meeting with the client may be scheduled to review the projects, which will be carried out through a digital platform.

    5. It will be invoiced monthly, if for example the services are purchased on June 15, the next invoice will be on July 15.

    6. Service fees must be paid within the first 10 days of the invoice being issued. If not, pending deliveries may be suspended until caught up to date. The first payment is in advance.

    7. Payment Method: Checks payable to Ideas Group Panama | Savings Account Deposits - Ideas Group Panama - Banco General | 04-72-99-645312-8  or payment by credit card through the Ideas Store

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